Buy MineTexas Plus

Every server has financial needs. Buying plus is a great way to support the server and get recognized for it without giving you a gameplay advantage. This rank currently gives you a colored name, and a '+' next to your name in chat.

Benefits of Plus

  • Special color and '+' after username in chat
  • Access to special badges
  • And more!

Iron Plus accounts are $5 per month

Gold Plus accounts are $15 per month and give you access to more stuff, like all the trails, all the pets, and more.


Want an adorable little baby pet that will follow you around and look cute while doing so?

List of Pets

  • Baby Pig
  • Baby Sheep
  • Baby Bunny
  • Baby Cow
  • Baby Wolf
  • Baby Kitty
  • Baby Chicken
  • Baby Villager
  • Pumpling

Pets start at $5, and they do not expire.

Support with Crypto

For those of you who have Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency you are willing to spend, we will glady accept them. Click Donate Now to get started.

Support By Mail

If you simply don't want to, or cannot pay over the internet, you can mail us a Check or Money order along with your Minecraft Username.

We also love postcards!