Minecraft Vanilla Arena Server

A Command block Powered, kit-pvp, Minecraft Server

Prefer to simply jump into the Minecraft action and fight other players? Join our kit pvp minecraft arena and earn loot which you can spend on upgraded Minecraft weapons and armor. Test your skills in our command block powered Vanilla Minecraft Arena Server. Drop into the combat arena from one of five locations and fight against other players in a sprawling multi-Biome custom Arena. When you get killed, just jump back through a launch tube at spawn to be placed right back in the minecraft action.

We had a lot of fun building out this Vanilla Minecraft Arena Kit PVP Server. We took extra special care to balance out each kit and provide a mod-styled game within the bounds of a vanilla minecraft server environment. We aren't perfect, though, so if you find any issues while playing minecraft on this kit-pvp server, please let us know.

If you have any issues on our Arena, kit-pvp minecraft server, Email help@MineTexas.com


  • No PVP Hacking!
  • No Spamming
  • No asking for: Warp, Item spawning, OP.
  • Use Common Sense
Vanilla PVP Minecraft Arena

Vanilla PVP Arena

Arena Minecraft Desert Biome

Desert Biome

Minecraft Arena Center Stronghold

Center Stronghold

Arena Plains Minecraft Biome

Plains Biome

Arena Minecraft Swamp Biome

Swamp Biome

Arena Jungle Biome in Minecraft

Jungle Biome

Minecraft Arena Tiaga Biome

Tiaga Biome

Coal Minecraft NPC Villager

Coal NPC Villager

Diamond Minecraft NPC Villager

Diamond NPC Villager

Minecraft Iron NPC Villager

Iron NPC Villager

Gold NPC Minecraft Villager

Gold NPC Villager

Minecraft Emerald NPC Villager

Emerald NPC Villager

Arena Redstone and Command Blocks in our Minecraft Server

Redstone and Command Blocks