MineTexas Anarchy Minecraft Server

A Semi Vanilla, anything goes, Minecraft Server

Welcome to Anarchy, Minecrafters! Jump in and start running! You're going to want some distance between yourself and spawn because it isn't safe. We vowed to never reset this Minecraft server, and we're still holding to that three years later. Can you find the supplies you need to survive? Anything goes on this Semi Vanilla gameplay minecraft server! Nothing is safe, trust no one!

Warning: This Minecraft server allows raiding and griefing, and there are not any server enforced rules. You are free to play on this server however you like but be warned: Other players will take notice of what you do and to whom.

Anarchy is a Semi-Vanilla gameplay environment, with no gameplay changing minecraft plugins

If you have any issues on the Public Anarchy Minecraft server, Email help@MineTexas.com

There are several groups of players who have formed under groups, including the Government (GOV), Anarchy Space Program(ASP), and the Trading Guild. These player groups are not managed by the staff and are completely player created and controlled. To read more about each group, check out their threads on the forums

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What is MineTexas Anarchy

A brief history of MineTexas Anarchy

An Unabridged History of MineTexas Anarchy

Layman’s Terms for Words

Lavacast-A structure utilizing the infinite replication of a water or source block (Ex: A water block placed on a pillar will flow downwards until hitting ground, without the source block flowing with it) by creating a staircase upwards, and allowing lava to flow down it, then adding water to change the lava to cobblestone. The process is repeated several times until a large, triangular structure is created from the resulting process.

Griefing- The process by which another individual damages the property of another, sometimes stealing or outright destroying items included in the structure or property.

Witherbombing- The act of using a moving entity that attacks using fired projectiles that cause explosive damage on inanimate objects, and poison and explosive damage on live entities or individuals.

Skybase- A large floating structure, built in the air as opposed to on the ground. Given the unique physics present in the game, solid objects do not need supports to remain suspended in the air.

Spawn- The area in which every player appears, designated by the server owner.

Anarchy Server- A server in which there are no rules, regulations, or restrictions whatsoever, simply the game without any modifications.

2b2t- A large anarchy server founded in 2011 (The official release of Minecraft), notorious for being made up of extremely hostile territory, and characteristics not ordinarily found on Minecraft servers.

0, 0- The exact center of the map. Each “Block”, (1 meter by 1 meter cubes) counts as one point on the X, Y, or Z axis. 0, 0 refers to X:0 and Z:0. The actual limit to the amount of “Blocks is X: 36,000,000 Y: 256 Z: 36,000,000 (36,000,000 meters equates to about 11,000 miles.)

Civcrafters/Civcraft- Server based around the game Sid Meier's Civilization 5, in which the main goal is to build the largest civilization using the resources available in the world, and allying or attacking other “Civs”. Civcrafters are notorious for being younger and more temperamental, and as a result are generally disagreeable to play with.


For as long as time has existed, Texans have had a presence in history. In the Stone Age of Man, one could hear the distant boom of illegal fireworks echoing through the crisp air, and just over the horizon, the lights of many a barbeque or rodeo could be seen, pulsating in rhythm to the beat of prehistoric drums. Yes, even then, Texans were a proud and ancient race, a race of Atlanteans not yet lost into the sand and asphalt of a used car parking lot. It was natural that such a civilization would eventually come to encompass any and all means of maintaining some sort of standing in every form of society, and in this case, that meant Minecraft. Just one year after the 2011 release of Minecraft, a Texan god decided that he would try his hand in creating a universe to rule over. Much like Zeus and the gods had Olympus. Ataranlen had his own court, which would come to be known as MineTexas. With the help of several other gods, known primarily as Greenfox1505, Dawhopper, Konlath, FoxDarcy, and Mikextro (All of which are no longer present on the server), all working together on the server, they created MineTexas PVP, a whitelist-only server that primarily existed for Ataranlen to build and test things to any whims he had at the time. Over the course of several years however, Ataranlen slowly began to realize the possibilities he had with the server, and began to expand outwards, creating more and more servers. MineTexasPVP took a backseat to the newer projects, And a new server, MineTexas Anarchy was created. This hovel once formed by the gods was hidden away, behind an unassuming rock wall, never to see the light of day for years. The server itself sat mostly uninhabited for quite some time, only seeing the occasional traveler go through its ancient lands. However, around the turn of the 1.7.10 update, the start of a great era began.


The Beginning of an Era

During early 2014, before the 1.8 update reared its head, two warring towns, known as PenisEnvy, and an unknown town called only by a name left in the ruins, “BronyFags”, were created around the same time. PenisEnvy, at an unknown point, came on bad terms with BronyFags, and began a conflict with said town. Over time, the two towns warred with one another, and eventually, PenisEnvy eventually found the coordinates of BronyFags, and proceeded to raid the town, and drove the members into a bunker towards the edge of town. Upon reaching the bunker, the members of PenisEnvy, run by Scatman99, broke through the defenses, and killed the unnamed inhabitants inside, lava pouring several sections of the still unfinished shelter.
Afterwards, PenisEnvy reigned supreme, and constructed a large skybase platform just outside of spawn, which was used to attack unwary new players. Eventually however, a player from (at the time much more popular) 2b2t, entered the server. Using basic knowledge inherent in any 2b2ter, he proceeded to use the skybase just outside of spawn as a means to lavacast the entirety of the protected spawn area, which happened to be using a means of protection that did not account for this relatively unheard of tactic. Predictably, the spawn became all but inaccessible, and any individuals caught inside this zone were promptly killed. It was at this time that the main members of PenisEnvy, upon making a trip to spawn, were trapped inside the lavacast, and killed. Feeling discouraged, the group disbanded shortly after, and the first signs of civilization went with them.

The Rise of The Hidden Path

Several months after the unofficial disbanding of the ***** Envy group, a group known simply as the Hidden Path, settled its roots into the server, and created ripples that are still felt to this day. The event that caused this was relatively simple. A low-level player who managed to escape the lavacasting event at spawn, created a small platform near the coastline that contained a chest, furnace, crafting table, and instructions to head to a future site. This individual, known at the time as Nyarlothtep, was leaving a set of instructions and base directions for another short-lived player known as Pandaman4450, whom he based with. Upon leaving these signs in both his hut, and the platform, he headed off to new territories, which would eventually become known as Waterford, notable for being the “Walled Estate” present within the Anarchy description in early 2015-2016. Before leaving however, Nyarlothtep stumbled upon the critical piece of future development, the End Portal.
However, after settling a small cabin, Nyarlothtep left the server for 5 months, and during that time, the server experienced a change. A player known as Ablapo, along with Baumeister_Sonic, masterdpx, and P0x0q, began construction of a skybase near spawn. This skybase, although quickly destroyed, set the precedent for their discovery of the platform left by Nyarlothtep. Seeing inspiration of another player leaving directions for others to follow and progress by, they created an underground passage which led to the earliest iteration of the now infamous Hidden Path. The organization itself was founded upon principles shared by the present day Spawn Builders Coalition, in that players should be helped, and safely transported from spawn, and throughout the server. The Hidden Path constructed numerous different bases, in particular a large windmill and glass structure close to spawn, along with a large tree farm, and a large melon and stone structure that still exists outside the ocean, and is viewable in the spawn renders available today. Along with these spawn structures, the Hidden Path constructed numerous caches and builds, all connected by a hidden underground railway, which was a secret that the Hidden Path consistently hinted of throughout various builds, with the moniker “Follow The Hidden Path” being prevalent in all of them. Several weeks after the construction of the windmill and treefarm, both were griefed by an unknown individual, leaving only a twisted ruin. However, the hidden path remained undeterred, and continued to build, continuously creating builds. The various builds created still exist to this day, and are a reminder of the foundation that the entire present network of guilds and factions lay upon. Around the return of Nyarlothtep into the server, and the arrival of ChadDX, current head of the SBC and notable historical figure, two new players joined the Hidden Path, and sowed the seeds of its eventual demise. The primary individual, known as DrGagamel, and another, unknown person, began to use the large amount of power and resources at the disposal of the Hidden Path, to go against the code of the Hidden Path, and attack individuals indiscriminately at spawn. In particular, a conflict arose with ChadDX and Nyarlothtep, involving the attack perpetrated by DrGagamel. Over the course of several days however, these conflicts were resolved, although the ideas of distrust, and the realization of the existence of the Hidden Path, had already been discovered.

The Fall of the Hidden Path

Eventually, an expedition was led by Nyarlothtep and JdJesse21, both of whom had discovered the traces of the Hidden Path, and set out to discover more. Within the large structure a ways out to sea, the Hidden Path had left a direction clue for the location of the hidden path bases on the positive X axis. While following these directions, the main base of the Hidden Path was discovered. Containing a large villager breeder farm, a slime farm, several underground animal farms, and a vast array of supplies and storage units, the entire base was compromised and abandoned upon discovery. However, by following the underground rail system that connected each individual Hidden Path base, every base constructed by the Hidden Path was discovered, and each one became utterly compromised. The Hidden Path, although somewhat discouraged by the looting of their bases, continued onward, creating a new town on the border of a 1.6.4 generated ocean, and a 1.8 ocean, known simply as “Ghost Town” .
Ghost Town was the second-to-last base constructed by the Hidden Path, and existed for several months, before a conflict within the group caused the base to be slightly griefed, and for the group to split for some time. Later on, towards the middle of the Zineon Era, the Hidden Path returned, created another base, and existed in secret alongside the development of Zineon, until eventually having their coordinates found once again, and vanishing without a trace, save for a few mentions here and there of the organization's’ existence. It is still unknown as to whether or not the Hidden Path will make resurgence, but as of the time of this publishing, that remains to be seen.

Waterford and 0,0

Although not a well-known town, Waterford (Known better by the name "Walled Estate) was the result of the aforementioned settling of a remote island by Nyarlothtep. It was the base of operations for much of the period leading up to the creation of Zineon, and was at its peak, home to six players. The main individuals involved in the creation of the town were JdJesse21, Nyarlothtep, KillerNMiller, and DragonNeko. During the peak of its developmental period, Waterford existed as the only legitimate piece of inhabited land, and was the first attempt at creating a relatively functional society.
The importance of Waterford however, comes in its relations with ChadDX. At the time, ChadDX had recently left 2b2t in search of another; similar anarchy server to practice his art of creating Hidden Path-esque builds to help players. Of note, however, are his efforts to create a central hub at both the center of the Nether, and the Overworld, with an additional End highway being constructed after the defeat of the End Dragon at the hands of JdJesse21. 0,0 during construction however, was attacked by a group of raiders, who at the time were on a considerably higher level of development, thanks to the constant looting of a nearby hidden spawn cache. The raiders themselves fought against both ChadDX and the residents of Waterford, repeatedly being driven out and reoccupying 0,0 , until a treaty was eventually brokered between Waterford and the raiders that agreed to trade an unused base near spawn in exchange for a ceasefire. The movement was successful, and the raiders left several days later. After this victory, construction continued on 0,0 , until the Nether Hub and central structures of the overworld 0,0 were completed, upon which ChadDX began construction on a series of roads that continue to be used to this day.
After the slaying of the End Dragon, he also constructed the End Highway, which was a vital piece in shuttling supplies and troops to and from spawn, and was a major influence on current server development. Sometime during the Zineon Era, when 2b2t had been temporarily shut down due to lack of funds, 0,0 experienced its first lavacasting at the hands of Jared2013. The lavacast itself was so severe, that it took the surprising intervention of Ataranlen removing the lavacasts in order to restore 0,0 to its former glory. With the help of PixelTech, the hub was able to be repaired successfully, and was once more operational. For a time, 0,0 continued to remain untouched, but upon the Rusher Crisis, it was lavacasted, once again, by Jared2013.
As of now, construction continues amidst the Rusher Crisis, but whether or not this will continue, is up to the future. As for Waterford, it continued to be used up until a rift between KillerNMiller and the rest of the town resulted in a fake coordinate leak that prompted the entire group to leave the town, and eventually settling the city of Capital, currently under occupation by Kaiser_Bill.


The Era of Zineon

The Era of Zineon refers to the period during which the Republic of Zineon, founded by Nyarlothtep and ChadDX, ruled over the majority of the server, and attempted to unite the entire server under one banner. The idea itself was created shortly after the evacuation of Waterford, and was thought of between ChadDX, and Nyarlothtep. The government had some little-known ulterior motives that are oftentimes overlooked by most historians, and even some older veteran players.
This of course refers to the actual intent of the government, which was one part social experiment to test the effects of government on an anarchical society, and how to collapse such a government once it was instated, and one part as a means to attract more players to the server. As such, several key events that lead to increasing militarization of the server, and the eventual decline into a loose group of factions and guilds came about as a result of these motives. Notable examples include the Matressleco Wars, and the ASP Incursion.

The Matressleco Wars

During the initial setup of the government of Zineon, actual attendance and acceptance rates were relatively low. With this in mind, ChadDX devised a situation that would cause the numerous players who had yet to accept citizenship, to actively participate in the system. Using a newcomer as a straw man, goading them into hostility, and sending several members of the militia after both Matressleco and his cohort PwnerPro, ChadDX was able to create a bloody conflict that resulted in numerous deaths on both sides, and provided the push for the militia, and the creation of the town around spawn that would later be known as Raw Ocelot, created by a friend of ChadDX, DeadOcelot. DeadOcelot primarily helped ChadDX during his time as a supply trader, although when the coordinates of ChadDX were leaked by Epicfiredude, he left and has yet to return. It was the coordinate leak that led to Chad's return to his pre-zineon mindset, and he has since founded the SBC.

Zineon Era

As stated, the era of Zineon technically began when ChadDX and Nyarlothtep established the system itself. However, it was not officially instated until Rerum drafted the constitution used to govern the system. The rules were relatively simple. No griefing, murdering, or raiding another citizen. Several ministries were set up in order to govern different sections of the government. These being the Ministry of Defense, which was in charge of weapons manufacturing and control of the militia, the Ministry of Trade, which regulated the prices of individual goods and set up a diamond conversion rate still used in some circles.
The actual system of government used was a representative democracy, with every individual being voted in by the citizens of the government. For some time, the system worked relatively well, with Nyarlothtep taking the alias of DonaldTrumpForMC, and being officially elected into office as president. Over time, the system became subject to a conspiracy that led to the Fall of Zineon

The Creation of Atarism and Raw Ocelot

After the brutal war carried out at spawn, a member of the government known as DeadOcelot, made the decision to begin building a spawn town, as a sort of grieferbait for the more unruly arrivals. In addition to this, ScootalooTheSpy constructed a small church near the town, known simply as the “Church of Atar”. The town grew in size, and included such monuments as the Nether Tower that once existed near spawn, and the giant head, both of which were reduced to rubble towards the Fall of Zineon. Raw Ocelot itself was witherbombed into ruins by the famous griefer NicklePickle2000, who was part of the conspiracy to collapse the system. NicklePickle2000 (Known today as the Co-Founder of ASP) later went on to be known as Taters69, AKA Knipedude and SS_Goatmum. Atarism carried strong during this period, and ScootalooTheSpy gained numerous followers. A large effigy of atar was created, and sat near the church for several weeks. However, a growing hatred for the Civcraft rival server had been growing ever since FreshCoal, a member of Civcraft, had entered the server and created aggression amongst the players. Therefore, DonaldTrumpForMC and several others lured a large amount of civcrafters onto the server, and led them to the large effigy of Ataranlen. Upon reaching the insides of the effigy, the statue was set alight with the civcrafters inside. Most died, but the ones that survived were hunted and killed for the majority of the night. During the killings, the phrase “Praise Atar” gained popularity, and set the precedent for a slew of phrases that can be found with the /praise command. Along with the surge of support for Atarism, Civcrafters became a hated group, and were hunted and killed at every opportunity. The slogan “The Only Good Civcrafter is a Dead Civcrafter” became the running phrase used by DonaldTrumpForMC during his presidency. Although Atarism and hatred of civcrafters continues to exist, it was eventually overtaken by the arrival of the Rushers during the Rusher Crisis.

The Fall of Zineon

Towards the end of the Zineon Era, DonaldTrumpForMC was seen to become more and more hostile towards the other members of the government, going so far as to place individuals on the Kill On Sight list, which was used for griefer and raider identification, simply for falling out of favor with Trump. Eventually, DonaldTrumpForMC simply resigned, and ceased to be a major part of the government at all. Around the time that DonaldTrumpForMC resigned, the next cycle of presidential elections had been beginning, and the only competitor was TheDoctor856, a low-level militia member in association with the Minister of Defense at the time Xenobyte73 (The previous Minister of Defense,JdJesse21/JdBlue stepped down when DonaldTrumpForMc resigned from the presidency.) Therefore, upon elections, TheDoctor856 was elected as a result of there simply being no other competitor. Shortly after TheDoctor856’s election into the office, an individual known as _Remnant_ appeared on the server. Seen as highly antagonistic and taking the appearance of an individual staunchly against the idea of the government in any way shape or form, _Remnant_ mostly stirred up disdain through the constant attack of the government through verbal speeches. However, upon the inclusion of Nicklepickle2000 and several new players, things took a much more destructive turn. A group of several griefers on the server, comprising mainly of Nicklepickle2000 (Taters69/SS_GoatMum), JohnAteJimmy (A notorious spawn killer) and xZenxMomentx (Founder of ASP), later gaining numerous other attendees, banded together and started the first major lavacasting campaign on spawn since the lavacast platform in early 2014. Highly successful, they were able to all but destroy the viable land left at spawn, and little was left but yet another ruin where the remains of RawOcelot had been, the town itself being removed upon a several chunk large reset of spawn.
Asides from lavacasting, the Nether Hub sustained serious damage from bed-bombing, and had to be rebuilt almost completely. The remains of the crater resulting from the bed-bombing can still be found deep below the Nether Hub, although entering the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the nether is highly discouraged, due to the high levels of pitfalls and other dangers that exist in the area. After seriously damaging the areas around spawn and the nether, another individual rose to power at the favor of the Minister of Defense. Known as DonaldJTrumpkin, he was a major player in the last months of Zineon. DonaldJTrumpkin was primarily responsible for stirring up support for Zineon, and helped to kill several individuals. However, upon the entrance of JohnAteJimmy into the combat portion of the war, DonaldJTrumpkin, TheDoctor856, and Xenobyte73, were quickly killed by the group.
After a long period of fighting on both sides, the Zineon Government was eventually destabilized completely, splitting off into various groups. TheDoctor856 and DonaldJTrumpkin left the server altogether, and Xenobyte73 and his basemate Epicfiredude eventually formed the “Meme Team”, one of the numerous factions that can be found scattered throughout the server to this day. JohnAteJimmy, ZenMoments, and Taters69 founded ASP, which stands for Anarchy Space Program, formed from a series of inside jokes and memes created over time that eventually formed itself into the group. Primarily responsible for the current state of spawn, over time ASP phased out JohnAteJimmy (A famous mass-murderer of pre-1.9 combat) who went on to base with DragonNeko and _Remnant_, who was actually Nyarlothtep acting as a persona to create political unrest to destroy the government, as part of the original conspiracy that had existed ever since the creation of Zineon. The actual presence of the _Remnant_ persona ended with the fake leaking of coordinates to xZenxMomentx, who proceeded to raid the base, leaving _Remnant_ to “leave” and return later as CancerBot. Afterwards, the server all but forgot about Zineon, and the remains of the civilization can be found scattered throughout various holds and ruins across the server.


The Rise of the Fraternities*

*Due to the existence of a Factions server within the MineTexas server network, the groups formed after the fall of Zineon are not technically identified as factions. Instead, the name officially used within the forums is “Fraternities”.

As stated, the current-day fraternities existed as a byproduct of the revolution against the Zineon Government, and the various splinters of said government grouping into separate “Fraternities”. The current fraternities are the Spawn Builders Collective, which is headed by ChadDX and is responsible for the various roads and means of transport in and out of spawn, along with several builds and farms located near spawn. SBC is a neutral group, staying with the practices of the Hidden Path, and tends to only attack players with legitimate reason. The next fraternity is the Empire, which came about as a form of protest against the powerbase held by ASP, and is headed by Warsoilder12. ASP and The Empire came to an official treaty however, and are no longer in conflict with one another. ASP is of course the group formed by the griefers responsible for the destabilization of the Zineon Government, and has since grown to house 14 members, all of which are headed by xZenxMomentsx, although official leadership is held by no one. The group itself is more or less based on the principles used by the group, which is to say, “I help you, you help me, we don’t attack one another” while griefing spawn. ASP does not currently have any griefing activity, and focuses more on the general containment of Rushers, and bounties set out by individuals, or the Empire.

Chapter 4

June Decay Era

The June Decay Era, or JDE, was the period of time spanning the six month period between June 19th, and November 20th, which existed as a result of the Rusher Crisis causing a mass-scale “decay” in the culture and player base of the server. Notable for the extreme influx of players from a fourteen regular player-a-day average, to a staggering 70 players per day, this event brought an influx of numerous cultural carryovers from the blend of factions and 2b2t mindsets of the Rushers of the time. These players, who had been attracted to 2b2t as a result of Rusher bringing attention to anarchy servers, primarily 2b2t, and brought a large group of people from the factions servers he was well-known in at the time. Because of this, 2b2t was overrun. A queue system was installed, major changes and restrictions were added, and the server descended into a state of collapse. This overflow of players caused an exodus of players looking for similar 2b2t servers to find MineTexas, and thus the JDE era began. The primary aspects of the JDE was in the mass-creation of a new organizational system known as Fraternities, and significant interest in PvP culture, a staple feature of the factions server their culture originated from. Fraternities existed due to the ASP badge, given to members of said group by Ataranlen as a one-off joke, similar to the Nazi badge originally given to users of teamspeak. Ataranlen instated a donation feature that allowed for customizable badges, used to group people into the numerous “Fraternities” they used as a placeholder for the clan system of factions servers. Numerous factions were created in a sort of anarchy gold rush, and the pressure of PvP led to massive amounts of fighting with other groups, and eventually led to infighting within the groups themselves. This large amount of players, coupled with their mostly taboo interest in PvP, led to spawn becoming seriously damaged beyond repair, The complete destruction of nearby spawn roads and 0,0, which had been maintained by several individuals who at the time identified as the SBC, or Spawn Builders Collective, caused overworld travel to screech to a halt within the spawn area. SBC ceased most maintenance, and the transport areas of all the dimensions quickly fell into disrepair, causing a sharp spike in spawn rat population. Ataranlen became aware of the dire situation at spawn, and created a newer, more complicated spawn area in all dimensions to compensate for the lack of travel ability to and from these areas. With the creation of a relatively contained spawn area, with access to all dimensions, trade flourished for a short while under the various systems of bartering and currency that existed at the time. With the protected spawn and newfound trading of spawn however, came the introduction of spawn killing as a profitable market, which created the catalyst for the end of the JDE. The newfound trade network at spawn meant that the large amount of PvPers, who had mostly attacked spawn rats and opposing groups, began to focus heavily on attacking any and all traders who were not directly affiliated with them, went against them, or also attacked them. The constant amount of profit being generated from trading meant that these spawn killers supplied themselves with the items being carried by individuals, and created a submarket that focused primarily on the trading of PvP items, causing the circulation, and subsequently the value, of items like enchanted golden apples and armor to rapidly increase. The increase of the value of these items meant that more traders began to trade them, which meant that more and more spawn killers would profit, which led to a cycle of perpetual increase of the value of these items and the PvP associated with it. Notable spawn killers included the ironic coupling of ASP, who had more or less been staunchly against the JDE and Rusher Crisis, with several factions players who had found MineTexas, mainly Jss05. Jss05, being a prospective trader and spawn killer, saw a general opportunity present in the cycle of items for PvP, and the lucrative market of PvPing itself. After some time, a fraternity titled “Imperious” was formed, operating on a system that functioned on a hierarchy of PvP skill, and the mutual benefit it provided. Over time however, Jss05 realized that the stagnation of PvP and economic value was inevitable, and decided to switch over to an alias, going under the moniker “Killgrave”, partnering himself with Choco, who also used an alternate account titled “Thanatos”, albeit much less, and usually only for tactical purposes. Using this newfound alliance with ASP, numerous builds were created at several ASP group bases, but at the same time, Killgrave would frequently be sighted at spawn attacking any and all individuals. Jss, realizing that this outlet of PvP would also lead to inevitable burnout and lack of interest, attempted to establish an economic system that essentially taxed anyone using spawn at the time he was present. This plan quickly fell through the floor however, and ASP and Jss had begun to reach their end on the server itself. ASP had accomplished all they had set out to do, with the creation of numerous bases and stockpiles, and slowly integrated themselves into Rust, while Jss, seeing the fading relevancy he held, slowly phased out of MineTexas. As the era of JDE occurred however, the Rusher Crisis came to an end in late October, and the server began to return to Post-Zineon Era mindset and culture, as the factions culture had failed to integrate properly into the dominant culture present on the server. The era itself truly ended however, with the introduction of a brief but devastating duplication glitch that led to the complete crash of the already failing economic system, which had began to decline after the drop in players after the Rusher Crisis came to an end. The sheer amount of items produced caused the value of most trading items to become null, and a massive boost in PvP caused the burnout of the fragments of leftover groups. Infighting became a regular occurrence, and most groups died. Jss and ASP’s fate was cemented, and while both have to yet to officially state their departure, it is all but certain that the JDE has ended.

Present Day

Aftereffects of the duplication glitch have seen a mild resurgence of certain groups, but the eventual return to previous culture is all but inevitable. What the future holds, is yet to be seen.